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10 March 2020Diamonds – The Sequel
14 April 2020John Ruskin: His Impact, Achievement and Legacy
12 May 2020Icons: Exploring their History, Power and Enduring Mystery
09 June 2020So They Do Cook After All: Ravilious, Bawden and the Great Bardfield Artists

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Diamonds – The Sequel Patricia Law Tuesday 10 March 2020


Diamonds were formed below the crust of the earth millions of years ago erupting into our mountains, glaciers, rivers and seas.  Until the early 18th century the only known source was in India with subsequent finds throughout the world.  We will look at both the history and qualities of diamonds – what makes them unique, why and how we prize them.  This lecture goes into the next chapter in the history of diamonds, because on the market now there are man-made/synthetic diamonds.  So how do you make a diamond and how can you tell the difference?  Also addressed is the big question of how synthetic diamonds will affect our love and appreciation of them and in turn the value which we give them.

Patricia Law - Patricia is a Fellow of the Gemological Society and a Fellow of the Institute of Registered Valuers.  Having spent 25 years working for International Auction Houses preparing jewellery sales for London, Geneva & New York she established her own valuation business.  Patricia enjoys a role in teaching gemology and jewellery history to newly qualified brokers within the insurance industry as well as lecturing to private associations and charitable groups.

Picture: Diamond from the earth.