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14 April 2020John Ruskin: His Impact, Achievement and Legacy
12 May 2020Icons: Exploring their History, Power and Enduring Mystery
09 June 2020So They Do Cook After All: Ravilious, Bawden and the Great Bardfield Artists

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John Ruskin: His Impact, Achievement and Legacy David Cross Tuesday 14 April 2020


Arguably the greatest Victorian polymath.  Ruskin stoutly defended both Turner and the Pre-Raphaelites.  A patient and enthusiastic teacher of drawing, he was a significant collector of paintings and a perceptive critic.  A scholar of the Northern Gothic, he also elucidated the evolution of Venetian architecture.  Generous with his treasures, he endowed a museum for working men in Sheffield, supporting the Working Men’s College in London and did much to encourage the education of women.  In the Arts and Crafts he advocated high quality workmanship, whilst criticising exploitative industrialists.  His books influenced Tolstoy, Gandhi and the founders of the National Trust.

David Cross - Hon. Research Fellow, Durham University.  Founder of the Cumbrian Biographical Project and past President of Cumbria DFAS.  Author of the biography of George Romney.  Art History lecturer to undergraduate and adult classes.  Catalogued the Paintings in Durham Castle.  In recent years David has been a guest lecturer on Cruise ships.  He has edited two volumes of the illustrated letters of Percy Kelly.  His volume in the national series on public sculptures is Public Sculpture of Lancashire & Cumbria was published in 2017.

Picture: View from my window, Mornex, J Ruskin, 1862